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John Patrick McHugh Foundation

In memory of one of our founding veterans, John P. McHugh a service connected Vietnam Veteran who passed away in November of 2017, SHV has created a dedicated fund to support veterans living in SHV housing with the opportunity to live in long term housing without the fears of eviction. We provide them with rental and utility support along with long-term case management to maintain housing and family for the rest of their lives. 

John P. McHugh was the first veteran to be houses by SHV and set the pace and expectation for the over 150 veterans that have been housed. 

Sunrise 2/11/1953 - Sunset 11/14/2017                    "You will be forever missed and forever loved....damnit"

                                                                                                              - Cara and Michael Galob 17'

Code: Red, White, and Blue

Code RWB is a rolling distribution event that supplies Veterans with needed clothing, food, and hygiene products.


When : TBA - donations accepted year round

Who: Philadelphia local homeless and needy Veterans with VA I.D. or DD-214

Support Homeless Veterans, Inc's team of volunteers are happy to deliver your in-kind donations to the doorsteps of veterans residing in VA funded programs, shelters, and supportive housing programs in the Philadelphia area.

Please contact Cara Galob at to organize a drive and deliver the goods yourself or arrange for pick up in our local area.

Holiday Special Events include Gift-A-Vet and Veteran Family Holiday Surprise; we also accept pre-cooked meals and meal baskets for the veterans homes on the holidays; SHV encourages our donors to bring the donations directly to the veterans. Call for more details. 

Support Homeless Veterans Supported Shared Housing

The concept is peer support family oriented model that allows the veterans to feel at home and with family. This permanent housing concept has been in operation since September 2012 and has since proved a 85% retention rate longer than 6 months and 70% longer than 18 months. Our relapse rate is 15% and our inpatient psych rate is only 2%. This means that our veterans stay with us longer and remain clean, sober, and sane. Other organizations do not even advertise these rates. The reality is that homeless veterans are a difficult population to serve and you can not win them all, but this independent support model is proven to bring a permanent solution to the chronic problem of homelessness among our veterans.

1. Marston Street - South Philadelphia
2. 24th Street - South Philadelphia
3. Graduate Houses - Germantown Philadelphia

Support Homeless Veterans, Inc. has also been able to achieve these measures operating on 100% volunteers and 100% donations and the subsidized veteran rent collected on a monthly basis. This is why your donations are needed and we can prove that they go directly to keeping our houses open and serving veterans in need.

Our homes offer:
- Cable TV
- WIFI Internet access
- Private Rooms
- Yard Space
- Comfortable Decor
- Family Meals
- House Captains
- Pet Friendly

Veterans Lifeline - Post 9/11 Veteran Program

Veterans Lifeline is a therapeutic program designed to promote healing in post 9/11 veterans suffering mental health disorders and addictions. Our retreats take the veterans out of their element and engage them with fun exciting activities. The retreats provide 24/7 assistance from licensed professionals and peer mentors to encourage risk taking in social situations. Out statistics show that experiencing life in a positive atmosphere combats symptoms of depression, anxiety, and isolation found too often in our veteran population. To sponsor a veteran, please complete the attached pledge form and mail it in - Your donation will provide a powerful reintegration experience to a veteran.

Veteran's Lifeline also offers transition assistance as a helping hand to post 911 veterans who are struggling with their transition. We offer counseling and coaching to these veterans over the phone, over the computer, and in person. Couching is offered by post 911 veterans themselves as a peer support model.

This program also serves as a financial assistance program for post 911 veterans and general combat veterans who are low-income and are in need of specific items to help enhance their lives and reduce stress.

If you know a low-income veteran who is in need of something special please have them contact us via phone 267-294-1191 or e-mail us at

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